Monday, January 3, 2011

Portman Square: First use

First impression of Portman Square after my 1st shave:

       X3 black-tip SS l Asco l Omega 90081 l Portman Square l Nivea Sensitive
Today begins my first day of 'The Portman Square Challenge' and I'm excited to get it off and rolling. From Bullgoose Shaving Supply website, Portman Square is described as:
          "...named after a street in London's famed shaving district. The cream soap is a very dense cream or soft soap that contains tallow for a very creamy and protective lather.

          Notting Hill is Portman Square's signature scent...a blend of lavender and cedar wood essential oils with a hint of leathery earthiness. To me, it conjurs up images of leather bound books and wood paneling."

Upon first opening the tub the scent is somewhat mild and subdued, yet when whipped into a creamy lather (and I do mean creamy) the fragrance seems to explode. The cedar wood really seems to shine through, almost like sticking your head into the New Yankee Workshop and sniffing the inside of a freshly build dresser drawer. The cedar wood is noticeably there yet I can detect some subtle whiffs of the underlying lavender. I think Phil definitely hit it spot on when he says "it conjurs up images of leather bound books and wood paneling", perfect for Ron Burgundy or any other discerning gentleman. 
This shaving soap is labeled a 'shaving soap cream', as it exhibits both properties of a hard soap and a soft cream. Like a soap, I lathered right on top of the puck. I chose my Omega 90081 syntex, as (IMO) a boar brush would have too much backbone that would tear into the soap/cream, yet a badger brush would lack enough backbone to do likewise. I found the syntex brush to be a perfect middle ground. After a few good swirls of the brush I begin to face lather and the explosion begins. The Portman Square produced mounds (yes mounds) of thick, creamy, and protective lather; typical of what one would expect from a tallow based product.
After shaving, I decided to wait 30 minutes before applying any aftershave so I could get an idea of it's moisturizing properties. My hopes were that a balm or splash wouldn't be needed, but after some time my skin felt a little to tight for comfort. Yes, my skin was soft to the touch, but tight nonetheless, and I opted to finish with a balm for some extra needed nourishment.

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